Who am I? And more important. Who are you?

Lately in those special times, I have way more time for myself and everyone is facing the same situation. So I’m diving deeper into myself and explore the inner me. The question „Who am I?“ popped up and I’m really struggling to answer it properly.

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I felt lost for a long time, without a real direction to move to and without any idea who I was or even who I want to become. I felt like this little astronaut diving through space, without anything in sight.

But then I spoke with people about how I feel and I realized that most people actually feel the same way, don’t have an answer for this question or don’t even think about this at all.

Is it my profession, my job, what I am working? Is it how other people see me or how I am appearing to other people?

I would say it’s neither of those things. Like I already said, I don’t have an answer on this, but I think the real you or the real me is way more than we project to the outer world or how we look. It’s is how we feel when we are in a flow situation, how we are when we do the things we truly love, how we shine when we feel really fulfilled and full with love. It sounds cheesy but that is the real you (in my opinion at least).

I did lots and lots of self reflection, meditation and journaling, which is creat and it brought so much more insights into my life. And when I was without a job and a place to go everyday to waste 8 hours of my day, I was struggling with my mental health, because it felt like I lost a part of my identity, a part of who I was and what was I projecting to other people. But the truth is, that wasn’t me and it wasn’t a part of my real me. Your job is not who you are, you are so much more. Think about the moments when you felt truly alive and in bliss. Think about what you have done, where you have been or with whom you have been in those situations. That is so much more the real you than your job ever will be. Embrace that person and try to bring it out way more often.

My plan for life is not existing at the moment and I’m fine with that and I’m just trying to figuring out how life works. And aren’t we all doing that most of the time? Just living life, figuring stuff out without having a plan.

Life is an adventure and getting lost is part of the journey.

My suggestions for you if you are feeling lost and don’t really know who you are.

  • start meditating: sit down and take time only for yourself and just breath. Questions and answers will pop into your head from time to time. Make it a new habit.
  • journal: write down some thoughts in the morning. Do bullet points. Just a quick little scribble for two minutes. It really helps to clear your thoughts.
  • excercise: blow out your head with some sweaty, body killing workouts
  •  be grateful: be grateful for what you have, for what you are able to do, for what is around you and for the people in your life. And really remind yourself often to feel it deeply
  •  read: anything. Selfhelp books, fiction, business books, blogs. Get some new stuff into your head and only put good ideas into it.
  •  friends: be with the people you love and talk about your thoughts. Sometimes they know you better than you do it yourself
  • travel: that’s a big one for me. Travelling brings you so much closer to who you really are. With all the experiences, memories and difficulties you face, you really grow, learn about yourself and the world

I feel lost quite regularly from time to time. So don’t blame yourself for feeling like this. We all do it. Try to learn from it and embrace your real you.

Just wanted to let you know, that you are not the only one.

Follow your way. (New Zealand)

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