Why you should have a Gratitude Diary!

Everyone knows what a diary is. Probably most people ask themselfs now if writing a diary isn’t something for kids. And others can’t work around the word Gratitude.

A Diary by definition is a book where you keep your daily record of events and experiences.

Gratitude by definition is the quality of being thankful, ready to show appreciation and return kindness.

So when we put both words together we get a book where we keep our daily records for things we are thankful for. Easy as this.

Now you are probably wondering why this is a thing. I’ll tell you.

I started my gratitude diary habit shortly before I started to travel for a long time around the world, because I felt slightly depressed only saw negativity and bad things in my life. I was simply unhappy and appreciatet nothing besides my own bed. 

I don’t know anymore where I picked this idea up, but since then it has been a companion wherever I go. On my travels it was an amazing way to think about the past day and what great things I experienced. I thought about those things, wrote them down and felt grateful for them.

Now in my day to day life I’m still continuing with this simple habit. Every night shortly before I go to sleep, I pick up my little book and write down 3 to 5 things I am grateful for and try to remeber that feeling of those things.

It hasn’t to be major at all. It can be literally everything. 

  •  the sun on your skin
  • the blue in the sky
  • a hot cup of coffee
  • fresh fruits
  • a healthy meal
  • a sweaty workout
  • a good laughter
  • a smile you got that day
  • ..you get the idea
But it also can involve bigger things like:
  • your family and friends
  • your education
  • your whole life
  • experiences you made
  • this planet

You can really write down everything! Just feel grateful for those things and appreciate them. At first it can be hard to come up with things to write down, but if you stick to this practice your brain will automatically come up with things that happened to you that were great and you will find it way easier to write down your points.

So what’s the idea behind this?

It will make you a lot happier in the long run, I’ll promise. You will start to see simple things with other eyes and appreciate them way more than before.

For example a hot shower was something quite normal for me, but if you think about how amazing it is that you just need to turn a handle and you are gifted with this warm rain that energizes your whole body. A good thing to be thankful for.

If you encounter the feeling that things are not as they should be or that you are not successful enough, your relationships are not satisfying enough, that you don’t have the things you crave, start a gratitude journal, to appreciate more, be more mindful about your life and in the end increase your happiness maybe a bit. It’s a great habit to have and it takes almost no time. 

Just say thank you more often!

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