Why being alone can be a good thing?

In the end of 2018 I tackled my dream to do a world trip. But there was no one around who wanted to join me, so what could I do. Go alone or don’t go.

I decided to go on this adventure all by myself and it was frightening and the best decision of my life at the same time. After I made and survived that experience, I recommend to people, that they should have a time in their life when they are just by themselves, because I believe it’s super beneficial for your personal growth and your personality. And I will tell you why.

1. You get to know yourself better.

When you are alone and have no one to talk to, you are litereally forced to turn inside and explore your inner self. Have a little shit chat with you can be so benificial. You will explore your hidden feelings, unsolved problems and secret desires. In conclusion you will bring out your real you a bit more. By spending time with yourself and gain a better understanding of who you are what you desire, you are more likely to make better choices.

When you are always part of a group, you are not just do or think what you want, you will more likely start to adapt to the group, which is not always what you want for yourself.

Constantly being „on“ doesn’t allow your brain to rest and replenish itself. Being all by yourself with no distractions gives your the opportunitiy to clear your mind, focus and think more clearly. It’s kinda like a little retreat for your body and mind. Also if you feel more introverted like I do, being around people all the time gets exhausting and you need to charge up your batteries by being by yourself,

It sounds kinda cheesy, but you will start to love and appreciate yourself more.

2. You are less dependent on other people.

You will learn that it is okay to do things on your own. To go travelling by yourself, to grab a bite at a restaurant alone, to go on a hike alone or to just sit in a park and read your book without any interruption. I think you get the idea.

You can do almost everthing you normally would do with others, by yourself and it’s not weird or sad. You really should know and learn that. It’s quite normal.

A lot of people are running from one relationship directly to another, I have seen this so often. And why? Because they are afraid to be alone, so they escape into a relationship, that maybe doesn’t fulfill them, so they don’t have to be just with themselves. That is not a healthy behaviour in the long run. If you can’t have a good time with yourself and need someone else for it, your happiness will always depents on others. And your happiness starts by you.

Be happy with yourself and you are even happier with others.

3. Being alone boosts creativity.

If you have no distractions and other things surrounding you, your creativity is about to flow. There is a reason why famous writers like Emerson or Thoreau were seeking soltitude when they wanted to create something amazing. It makes your creativ juices go to new levels and will spark new ideas.

4. Your appreciation goes up.

To put it simple. After you have been alone for some time and you meet people again, you will appreciate those connections way more.


To sum everything up. It’s very good for your mental health to seek soltitude or just some time alone for yourself. It hasn’t to be a tiny hut in a forest or a world trip by yourself. You can start implementing times where no one is around. Like early in the morning, for lunch break or schedule weekend days just for yourself. You will start to love it.

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